30th May 2019

Bank Hall welcomes June

29th May 2019

Benefits of board games

8 Huge benefits of playing board games Playing anything, generally, adds joy to the life, but specifically board games (monopoly could be the exception). When you […]
28th May 2019

Getting excited at Coniston House

We are all very excited here at Coniston House.  We are eagerly awaiting our very own Butterfly Larva which is due to arrive on or around […]
28th May 2019

Coniston House welcomes June

28th May 2019

Review of May at Bank Hall

28th May 2019

What happened in May at Coniston House

28th May 2019

Review of May at Royley House

24th May 2019

What’s happening in June at Royley House

23rd May 2019

Further Intergenerational work carried out by Coniston House today.

Great interaction at Buttermere community centre again today with Gillibrand school. We all enjoyed ourselves playing games, making forget me not posies and the children sang […]
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