About Us

Family-run residential care homes and support services

We are a family-run business providing quality residential care homes and support services to older people and those living with dementia.

We built our first residential care home in the early 1980s when we noticed that many care homes were set up in old converted buildings that didn’t always lend themselves to meeting the wide-ranging needs of those with age-related difficulties or dementia. We built the home brick by brick to create first-rate, safe and homely accommodation in a community setting.

Since those early days, we have grown our business in order to meet the need for first-class, quality care and support for our ageing population. We now have four residential care homes for older people, Pendle Brook, Coniston House, Royley House and Bank Hall. We specialise in catering for the needs of those with dementia as well as offering a fantastic daycare service, flexible respite care facilities and a home care service providing support to people living independently in their own homes.

Our ongoing success is due to our focus on providing personalised care and support to each and every person using our services and to our wonderful team of staff who provide that support. Visit us and you will meet the kind, caring and enthusiastic staff who are all committed to the people we serve. Our team members all receive mandatory training such as safeguarding of vulnerable adults, first-aid, infection-control, end of life care, health and safety, safe handling of medicines and dementia care, as well as additional training such as prevention of falls, nutrition and health, equality and diversity, diabetes management and mental health.

Our Approach

Although much has changed since we built our first care home, as a family-run business our guiding principle remains the same as it was at the beginning – to provide a standard of care and accommodation that we would want for our own family.

In this respect, each of our services is committed to providing the following:

  • First-class, personalised care and support to every person using the service
  • An approach that recognises that personal fulfilment, purpose and a sense of achievement is an important part of emotional well-being
  • A listening environment where the views of each and every individual is sought and respected
  • A flexible service able to adapt to changing needs and preferences
  • A very warm, Rochcare welcome to family and friends!

Our aim is to make sure that both those using our services, as well as their families, are happy with the service we provide. That’s why we have an open-door policy for residents, staff and families. If something isn’t right; if you’re unhappy; if something needs to change; if there’s a problem; we want to know about it and will do everything in our power to make things right as quickly as possible.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more about us, or if you’d like to talk about how we can help you or your loved one.

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