Frequently Asked Questions

How will you keep my loved one safe?

Your loved one will be cared for by our highly trained and experienced staff. Our team undertakes regular training and safeguarding checks to ensure we’re always in line with care regulations and standards. Our homes have CCTV cameras and secure doors to provide additional peace of mind.

What if my loved one wants privacy?

We understand that communal living and frequent interaction with others is not to everyone’s taste.

In our homes, some people we support prefer their own company and, in this instance, their privacy is always respected.

Residents can choose to spend as much time in their room as they wish.
Our staff have been trained to treat people with dignity and to respect their privacy always.

What are your visiting hours?

We don’t have set visiting times – our homes are always open to visitors. Friends and family are welcome to pop in at any time to see their loved ones in their rooms, lounges, and other communal areas. Our residents have the right to decide who they see and when, and are also free to get up and go to bed when it suits them.

Can I take my loved one out?

Yes, of course! We encourage days out, whether that is with family and friends or as part of our extensive activity programme. We ask that you provide advance notice and an anticipated return time, so we can ensure there aren’t any medical reasons which could affect your loved one’s excursion.

Who will help my loved one?

Staff are available at each home for 24 hours a day. Your room will have a call bell to alert staff if you need assistance.

We will assess your needs by talking with you, and those close to you, to ensure that the care we provide meets your needs.

This may be assisting you with washing, dressing, and bathing. Some people need help with eating and drinking, assistance with their toileting needs and mobility or other aspects of personal care, whilst others may be more independent. Our flexible care supports and respect’s each resident’s needs individually.

Can I bring my own furniture?

We encourage loved ones to personalise their rooms and bring items that make them feel more at home. All of our bedrooms are fully furnished with a single bed, flat screen TV, armchair, wardrobe, chest of drawers, and nightstand. If larger furniture is to be brought in, please check with us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Please note, we do require all furniture that is brought into the home to be removed at the end of the occupancy.

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