Vivien Holland

I have worked at Coniston for almost 4 years starting as a Care Assistant. A year ago, I was asked if I world change my role to that of activities coordinator, this has been one of the best decisions I have made.

I attend pre-admission assessments with the Managers to introduce myself to the residents and their Families before they come in to the home, letting them know about all the wonderful activities we do here.

I am passionate about providing person centred activities to our Residents and in turn promoting the home. All the Residents and staff have lots of ‘Bright Moments’ at Coniston.

As well as the day to day in house activities such as the choir, bingo afternoons armchair exercises and pampering we also have weekly trips to the supermarket and the pub.

We also hold lots of fund-raising events and anything raised contributes to the bigger outings for example The Farm, The seaside, and local Pantomime.

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