Rick McCarthy

I have worked in Adult Social Care for the past 6 years and have developed my skills in a variety of settings.

My positions have included care homes, supporting those in the community and working alongside those with mental health and substance misuse issues.

My approach has always been the same, regardless of where I have worked, “what is the desired outcome, for the client!”

I’ve worked with all ages, all with varying challenges and always striven to give them a safe place to live, means to grow and ways to develop.

I have always worked in a “service” capacity: Supporting and serving others. From the early years when I was an apprentice chef and hotelier, through to volunteering with street kitchens and the Royal Air Force Association.

I’ve always unknowingly involved myself with supporting others, for their best interest.

I’m a full time husband and dad to my wife Rachel and son Avner.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, camping, going to the cinema and baking.

For me, you can’t beat the smell of freshly baked bread or cookies.

The pinnacle of my job; my favorite part, is coming to work and making a real positive difference. For the clients, their families and the staff team.

I’m always available for a chat and if you’re lucky, there will be some hot cookies.

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